My Final Update


*screams for approximately 6.275 hours*


I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, lovelies!

Let me sum up the last month or so in as few words as possible:

  1. Dad is still getting better, so take that, Parkinson’s!
  2. We listed the house on Sunday, showed it six times, considered three offers, accepted one, and as of approximately an hour ago are under contract (pending an appraisal inspection). This means that if the appraisal inspection goes well, WE WILL HAVE SOLD THE HOUSE. I AM ESCAPING MOVING HELL!!!!!
  3. I recently signed up for the Discover Your Story challenge hosted by the lovely Michelle Hunter of Michelle Hunter Creative, and she has helped me figure out exactly how to weave together the various facets of Writing Dressage as it is now (read: the book club-style stuff) and all the ideas I have for Writing Dressage in the future (aka: so many fun goodies!). The story of my soon-to-be business is growing clearer and clearer. Yay!   (*Note: that’s totally not an affiliate link, but you totally should go check her out anyway because she’s totally awesome and does damn good work.)

That said, I’ve been looking into moving my blog over the last few months, and I’ve finally settled on a host (SquareSpace) and have enough money set aside to afford a full year subscription, plus a few plug-ins that I’ll need to adapt my blog to what it’s going to become.

If you’re interested in keeping up with me & my blog, since it will no longer be hosted on WordPress–and I’m not sure if you’ll still be able to get my blog posts in your feed as it is now–here’s your chance.

Right now, all I have set up is a cover page while I fiddle around with the technical aspect of putting my new blog together, but there IS a sneak peek of what’s to come, so if you’re interested in that sort of thing, click here:

Check out the NEW Writing Dressage!

(Spoiler alert: there may or may not be some free stuff involved later on down the road, as well. *coughs conspicuously*)

Additionally, be sure you keep an eye on my Twitter because I’ll be posting updates, sneak peeks, and who knows what else on there every few days. So exciting!

And, in case you’re curious, here’s what my unofficial home page looks like right now:

get started page preview

Since this is going to be my final post on, I guess the thing to do is not say goodbye, but see y’all on the other side!

signature on lips

Um, excuse me, waiter? This is #NotWhatIOrdered

It seems like every time I turn the TV on or sit down to watch an episode of Criminal Minds, there’s a new food ad promoting clean eating.

Instead of garden variety cow’s milk or beef, how about non-GMO, grass-fed cow’s milk or beef?

Or maybe some organic, non-GMO fruits & veggies grown in pesticide-free farms?

Or if grocery shopping isn’t your thing, there’s Panera. Not gonna lie, their new “soup and salad and clean and real” commercials sound hella good. (Oh, if only there was one near me!)

Despite that, though, horse slaughter is still a hotly-contested topic.

Hey, I get it, guys.  We eat cows. We eat chickens. We eat pigs, and goats, and lambs, and even rabbits. Why not horses?

Oh, honey.

Because horse meat is so horrifically unregulated it’s almost funny.


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Updates 2.0 (AKA I’m Still Not There Yet)

I cried on the inside a little typing that title. Not only am I STILL not in Georgia yet (for reasons), it’s blowing my mind that I’ve been “in the process of moving” longer than I’ve had this blog. Seriously. The decision to move happened in January 2014. This blog became a thing in June 2014.

In the spirit of keeping my blog from gathering dust–*blows virtual dust off my blog*–here’s yet another update. I do hope you’ll read to the end, too, because I have a super short, super quick survey for you guys. It’s mostly just me trying to figure out who my actual audience is and how it compares to my target audience. Oh, and it’s only 5 questions.

First and most important, a while back I attended this awesome virtual summit hosted by Ankur Nagpal, founder of I dunno how many of y’all are familiar with Teachable, but it’s basically the best platform out there for hosting online courses. The reason I signed up for the summit was because I have this personal rule: whenever I think a thing is “not for me”, I make myself do it anyway.

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Updates (Or, I’m not dead, at least not yet)

*pops into the room in a cloud of brick red smoke* Hello!

Since things with this Move from Hell are moving at a glacial pace and the break I thought I’d be done with by now is actually going to last long into my thirties (#sarcasm #maybe), I thought I’d drop in with an update of sorts and a little tiny bite of what y’all can expect when the Move from Hell and inevitable blog break FINALLY comes to an end.

For starters, moving sucks. Moving cross country is a pain in the ass because Mom & I have to take into account things like the weather so that our open-sided horse trailer packed to the gills with crap doesn’t get completely flooded, effectively ruining said crap.

Moving sucks even more when your father has Parkinson’s disease and 99.9% of the crap left to pack is his. For those not in the know, Parkinson’s is a disease that affects your mind, but it has both mental and physical effects. Part of the mental thing is that Dad can’t make decisions. Like, physically, actually cannot make decisions. That’s 100% of why this move has taken so long. (Plus, the first three doctors didn’t know their asses from a hole in the ground and put Dad on all the wrong meds. Plus plus, the two doctors Dad sees now are contributing to the problem so much by asking us to postpone “for another month” over and over again so they can “run more tests” or some shit. I really can’t complain about them, though, because now that Dad’s on the RIGHT MEDICATION, he’s doing astronomically better. AKA: I GET MY DAD BACK.)

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Spotlight On: ASPCA Help A Horse Day

Even though the blog is still technically on a break–though the fam and I are making real progress on getting our butts to Georgia!–I really want to share something with y’all. It’s also sorta cool/serendipitous that it happens to fall on my mom’s birthday. (Happy birthday, Mom!!)

This year, April 26th happens to be the 4th annual ASPCA Help A Horse Day. Essentially, Help A Horse Day is a day for horse rescue groups from 42 states across the country to host events in their communities to raise awareness about the work they do to help at-risk horses. In doing so they are also competing to win grand funding totaling $100,000–the largest grant pool to date.

Click here for a list of participating rescues.

Additionally, the ASPCA teamed up with 2 Broke Girls actress and horse advocate Beth Behrs–who recently adopted her own rescue horse, Belle–to raise awareness.

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I’m Taking A Break

I’m sitting here writing this post in my aunt’s living room in Georgia, ancient calico kitty purring up a storm in my lap. I am insanely jealous of this kitty’s ability to zonk out because in the past week, my mother and I drove over 900 miles from Fort Worth, Texas to a tiny town in Georgia just south of the border. Our truck still wasn’t running right despite sinking over $3,000 into engine repairs, so I’m sure y’all can imagine how stressful the drive was. Then we spent the better part of two days unloading a 20-foot stock trailer packed to the gills with entirely too much crap. Because of my mom’s, ahem, not-as-young-as-she-used-to-be-ness, I did most of the work and all the heavy lifting.

In other words, I am absolutely dead on my feet.

And this is only the first trip of at least three, more likely four because we not only have a bunch of animals, but TOO MUCH SHIT.

Sadly, because of all this chaos (which you’d think I’d be used to by now but nope…), I just don’t have time left in the day to keep up with WD. So, for the next month or two, possibly three depending on how long this takes, I’ll be taking a break. But, no worries, lovely readers. I’ll be back as soon as I recover from moving cross-country, hopefully with a surprise or two in store.

Y’all are awesome. 😘


Budget Horse Ownership: Finding Riding Clothes

*throws confetti*

Today, I’m kicking off a new series here on the blog called Budget Horse Ownership. The plan for this new series is basically just to share with y’all whatever tips or tricks I know that’ll help y’all spend as little money as possible on your horses (which are, by their very nature, money-sucking black holes).

Budget Horse Ownership - Finding Riding Clothes for Pennies on the Dollar

*rolls around in balloons all over the floor*

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An Overlooked Aspect of World Building (as exemplified by War Horse)

Alas, it is finally here, the third and final piece in my Shit I Learned in NaNoWriMo 2015 series! This piece kinda piggybacks off of a previous post (which I link to later) and basically I blather on about the relevance of world building in fantasy and how fantasy novels that feature horses fall almost comically short in this area.

*gets on soap box*

World building is an integral part of any story, but especially high fantasy. The world in which a high fantasy story takes place is oftentimes just as much of a character as the characters themselves. My NaNoWriMo MS is high fantasy, no doubt, but it challenges much of what I think of when I think of high fantasy: it’s based around a desert society similar to ancient Egypt.

An Overlooked Aspect of World Building (as exemplified by War Horse)

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Setting Goals (Plus a FREE goal planning worksheet!)

Sometimes I wonder if blogging is actually a feasible thing for me. The past couple weeks have been absolute insanity. Work, problematic horses, Dad had two doctor’s appointments, my sister’s spring musical is this weekend, and the truck went in for new injectors so I’m currently vehicle-less. Like I said: insanity. I meant to have this posted two weeks ago, post another piece near the middle of January, and actually, finally host that giveaway I’ve been talking about for, what, three months now?

But that just didn’t happen. *sigh*

Thankfully, I have a little bit of time today (Dad’s got yet another doctor’s appointment), so I’m going to try and get a little bit caught up.

Back at the beginning of January, I talked a bit about my New Year’s resolutions. I make resolutions at the beginning of every new year and I have for as long as I can remember, but for the life of me, I can’t remember if I’ve ever had a NYR list this looong. I counted and I have, collectively, more than ten specific things on my list.


Fifteen if I count the littler pieces, like the various manuscripts I plan to draft or the various ways I might be able to “expand on my creative potential”.

To prevent that drowning-in-nothing, freefall, complete and total panic, RUUUUUUN! feeling, I sat down, thought about the steps I would need to take to meet those goals, and put together a handy goal planning worksheet for myself to help keep organized and well on track since Life just loves to throw me curve balls while squeezing lemons in my eyes.

Setting Goals | Breaking down my action plan to achieve my New Year's Resolutions (Plus a FREE goal planning worksheet!)

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